Dear visitor, this website is in the process of being updated. Below this text you can find QR codes that link to several video works. However, these links only provide an impression of the work. Most of the time these videos function in the context of larger installations. Scan the QR code of your choice with your smartphone or your tablet to view its content. If you are using a mobile device to visit this page, simply tap on the code to watch the related video. There also is a link to my Portfolio with a small selection of work samples.

Feel free to download it!

QR Video Link: Robin
Habitat / Robins / 6:45min
2019 / CH
QR Video Link: Parakeet
Habitat / Parakeets / 9:45min
2019 / CH
QR Link: Belonging / to be longing / to belong / to be / ( )
belonging / to be longing / to belong ...
QR Video Link: JETWASH / 5min / 360°
JETWASH / 5min / 360°
2017 - 2019 / GB
SPECTRE: Video Documentation
SPECTRE: Video Documentation
2017 / GB
POLYGON: video documentation
POLYGON: Video Documentation
2017 / GB

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